HIIT Harder

  • 3 months

  • Advanced

  • Meal Plan


This is it, girls! HIIT Harder is designed to challenge even the fittest of people to take your results to new highs. 


You’ll follow our structure of 4 workouts per week, but HIIT Harder means just that – we’re challenging you to 3 advanced HIIT session’s week in, week out.  Workout number 4 is an active rest workout so we ease of the intensity a little bit.


With our expert nutritionist on hand, you will have access to nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare recipes.


" I can see a huge difference in my cellulite, my muscle definition and my bum is peachier, stomach flatter and face is thinner. For me”

- REAL RESULTS - Amy O'Rourke

"I can’t even begin to describe how much fitter I feel. I can even notice the difference when going out on walks with my dogs. Of”

- REAL RESULTS - Emma Holbrook

" With RWL I can work out from the comfort of my own home my children can join in with me which makes it more enjoyable.”

- REAL RESULTS - Katie Bailey

"The biggest change of all which I have experienced, not just physically, has been a mental shift and improvement of my health, mind and wellbeing.”

- REAL RESULTS - Jo Armstrong

"It has changed my life massively and I'm so happy. I appreciate everything I achieve, I'm more active & confident - simply loving my life.”

- REAL RESULTS - Florentina

" When I joined RWL it changed my whole outlook on exercise. It’s convenient for me to fit in with my work and family, it’s easy”

- REAL RESULTS - Christine Shipley

" RwL has helped me feel confident in myself and how I look. The biggest way it has helped me is by educating me on nutrition!”

- REAL RESULTS - Hannah McAliskey

"I’ve been with Results with Lucy for over two years and I’m totally hooked. I first heard about the company through Lucy’s book and signed”

- Lisa Doyle

"  Since starting Results with Lucy I have lost a total of 2 stone and over 25 inches and now feel so much more confident and”

- REAL RESULTS - Megan Day

"I can't believe how much leaner I felt after completing the 12-week Wobble to Model plan. I have so much more energy from working out”

- Laura Burke
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