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We’ve called in our favourite power-house, Sophie, to give you all our toughest challenge yet… Results Extreme.

This intense, 12 week plan is perfect for anyone who’s looking to supplement their own training for a specific event, or anyone who would class themselves as very fit but needing to shake-up their current regime.

It’s time to get extreme results with Results Extreme!


You'll follow very advanced fitness level sessions and your workouts will increase in intensity week by week for maximum results. No gym subscription required, achieve your goals from home.


Our expert nutritionist, Louise, has put together recipes packed full of the nutritious food you'll need to fuel your workouts.


" I can see a huge difference in my cellulite, my muscle definition and my bum is peachier, stomach flatter and face is thinner. For me”

- REAL RESULTS - Amy O'Rourke

"I can’t even begin to describe how much fitter I feel. I can even notice the difference when going out on walks with my dogs. Of”

- REAL RESULTS - Emma Holbrook

" With RWL I can work out from the comfort of my own home my children can join in with me which makes it more enjoyable.”

- REAL RESULTS - Katie Bailey

"The biggest change of all which I have experienced, not just physically, has been a mental shift and improvement of my health, mind and wellbeing.”

- REAL RESULTS - Jo Armstrong

"It has changed my life massively and I'm so happy. I appreciate everything I achieve, I'm more active & confident - simply loving my life.”

- REAL RESULTS - Florentina

" When I joined RWL it changed my whole outlook on exercise. It’s convenient for me to fit in with my work and family, it’s easy”

- REAL RESULTS - Christine Shipley

" RwL has helped me feel confident in myself and how I look. The biggest way it has helped me is by educating me on nutrition!”

- REAL RESULTS - Hannah McAliskey

"I’ve been with Results with Lucy for over two years and I’m totally hooked. I first heard about the company through Lucy’s book and signed”

- Lisa Doyle

"  Since starting Results with Lucy I have lost a total of 2 stone and over 25 inches and now feel so much more confident and”

- REAL RESULTS - Megan Day

"I can't believe how much leaner I felt after completing the 12-week Wobble to Model plan. I have so much more energy from working out”

- Laura Burke
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