You won’t find it hard to find what to do when bloated on the internet, as people have a plethora of remedies and the like that have provided extensive material in which to start from. We’re not here to say that these things are bad, because they’re not, but we have some of our own that we think are just as good - if not better. We’ve condensed our list to just include a few things, though we know that these are sufficiently decent solutions that we have tried and have had success with. They’re not hard, not expressively comprehensive, though we think that they could work especially when you implement them all.

Monitor Your Medication

There are many people that are on some kind of medication, especially of the over the counter variety. OTC meds can be a life saver, but they can certainly cause bloat. Specifically, iron pills, antidepressants, calcium supplements, and antihistamines are big offenders when it causes bloat. This is especially the case if you’ve just started taking them. Of course, this doesn’t count if you’re taking something what is good for a bloated stomach.

Consider Natural Eating

We are awash in healthy and all-natural options. They also an answer to what to do when bloating. Now we’re not all into thinking that the natural option is always the best possible option, but we do think that it’s potentially good when you’re bloating.

Monitor Air Intake

Some people don’t really think about what air means when you’re bloating. It’s everything. Some people eat their food too quickly or they take too many sips or bites while they’re eating. It’s kind of ridiculous, but both of these things play a part in bloat. The best course of advice here is to set aside a certain amount of time when you decide to eat.

We also think that you should really monitor how you’re eating while you’re at it. You want to strike a balance between speed and efficiency. You don’t want to take in too much air as much as you don’t want to eat too much when you’re eating.

If you want to know what to do when bloating, we think that it’s important that you take these things to heart. If you consider your medication, consider the type of food that you eat, as well as how you’re eating that food, we don’t think that you’ll have much of a problem from then on. If you’re still experiencing some problems, you may want to consult your doctor.