You’ve been following your workout program at home, and doing your best to eat right. Looking at recipes and calorie charts and all the articles online are overwhelming, and in the end you’re feeling hungry, frustrated, and alone.

The good news is that despite feeling that way, you aren’t alone. Studies show that those who took part in community based weight loss programs shed more weight than those who do it alone. How do I find groups for weight loss near me?

There are quite a few popular weight loss programs that have onsite locations. Local BST pages may have personal support groups of other women who are hoping to find weight loss groups near me.

Whether I use facebook, instagram, google, a reference from a friend, or online forums, you’re sure to find an abundance of weight loss groups near me. One option many folks can do is join a like-minded group of individuals with similar schedules and goals, and create an accountability and support circle.

So, How do I choose from the best weight loss groups near me?

Some areas have a multitude of popular weight loss groups available near me. Ultimately your choice comes down to who aligns best with your personal goals and what works with your schedule.

When looking for weight loss near me, here are a few key factors to focus on:

- Professional Support:

groups that offer the support of nutritionists, psychologists, or personal trainers will be able to provide the most medical and professional help.

- Location

Choosing a weight loss group near me is incredibly important. The longer it takes to get to the group, the more time you have to put in to achieve the same results.

- Smaller Group Size

the smaller group, the more individualized attention. Find a group that focuses less on the amount of weight lost, and more on better healthy living.

- Weekly meetings

Regular meetups help you cross obstacles as you come to them with the help of your group. Members are able to track their goals and offer support when you are struggling.

- Work on Common Goals

While hopefully the folks in your group have similar goals, every person is at a different place in their journey and may have different final goals or ideas of success. Support each person in their own successes.

- Share your progress

When you can share your excitement over your accomplishments with others who support you, it is a huge part of why I’d like to find weight loss groups near me. Having friends along on the journey helps you feel focused and motivated.

Ultimately when looking for the best weight loss groups near me, I look for what works with my schedule, what works with my personal goals and beliefs, and most importantly a place that feels comfortable.