The journey to weight loss can be long, frustrating, and embarrassing. That is why many Americans choose to follow a healthy weight loss exercise plan from home. The most effective weight loss exercise plans include rest days, and a solid plan. You’ll want to create an environment where you can feel comfortable working out, free of distractions. Make sure that you have enough space for you to complete all the exercises you plan to do, and all the equipment necessary.

The most effective weight loss exercise program will be comprehensive and incorporate cardiovascular, strength, and endurance exercise. Often interval training is the best choice because it is the quickest weight loss exercise plan. Every person is different, and it’s important to find what works for you and your schedule.

There are many online weight loss exercise programs available to guide you on your fitness journey. It is important to find the one that best aligns with your personal goals, and focuses on your problem areas.

One of the top weight loss exercise programs for folks at home is Results with Lucy. From weight loss exercise plans for beginners, to full body extreme weight loss exercise programs, they have a massive variety. You can choose workouts based on how much time you have for the day, or target a certain area you feel needs the help. They have a full comprehensive weight loss program including meal planning and fitness challenges that last for thirty, sixty, or ninety days depending on your personal goals. You can find these workouts, available supplements, meal plans, and more at You can stream their videos from your phone, computer, or gaming system. There is even a phone application available that tracks your progress.

You can also find free workout ideas on for free. Remember that anyone can post on youtube, and that the videos you find here could be from a professional trainer, or some guy in his basement. Regardless of credentials, you can find some unique ideas to keep things interesting.

Whether you’re going the road alone, or hoping to join in on a group weight loss exercise plan at home, consistency is key. If you miss a day, offer forgiveness to yourself, and remain diligent in the future. Celebrate every win, and don’t be discouraged and give up when you hit a setback.