It can be tough to commit to regular exercise, but we all need to if we’re going to lead long and successful lives. If you’re looking for a weight loss exercise for women, you’re not alone! Fortunately, there are more than enough to keep you healthy and happy, and we’ve condensed a list of those exercises that will give you exactly that. These exercises aren’t going to be arduous by design, though you can always ramp it up if you would like.

Walking for Health

We think that walking is the best exercise for beginners, it’s also a good weight loss exercise for women at home. We prefer a lot of exercises that don’t require you to go to the gym, even more so for those that don’t require much of anything. Walking is as basic of an exercise as any, which is why you’ll generally see it on virtually every list. It burns many calories, doesn’t require a specific technique, and most people will always be able to do it.

Jog and Cycle

Jogging and cycling are always great choices, and we think that they’re fun. As a woman, you’re much more likely to find a partner to do either of these, and motivation is a very impressive tool if you’re planning on losing eight. What's great is that, like walking, is a low barrier for entry. If you have a pick, you essentially just have to pick a route.

Interval Training

Interval training has become all the rage in the last few years, and we like it because it’s effective, though it can be described as a little intense. That said, as a weight loss exercise for women, you may find it to be a little tough to get into. At its essence, interval training is bouts of intense exercise with alternating recovery periods. These workouts generally lasts 10-30 minutes, with many people reporting 25-30% more calories per minute.

Of course, you have plenty of exercises to choose if you’re trying to come up with a weight loss exercise plan for women. Like most exercise, you can completely tailor the experience to completely suit your needs. All of these things can be a bit tough to navigate if you’re not completely used to it, but with enough research, we know that you’ll find the plan to lose weight virtually anywhere on your body.