Choosing a gym can seem like an overwhelming task. Once you choose you’re basically stuck with it for a year, since the average membership is $41 a month for what is typically a one year contract. There is no one size fits all gym. I would not choose the cheapest gym near me. They’re out there, but the chances that that gym will be the best fit for you aren’t great.


Sure, the gym may cost less… but what is the equipment like? Do you have all of the tools you’ve selected in order to be successful in your fitness journey? Is it super crowded, where you would be waiting in line for the only treadmill that every person there wants to use? These are all things that you may want to consider, before the price. After all, if you spend only $30 on your membership but only go once per month because you don’t do your best work there, do you really consider that more successful than spending $40 a month and looking forward to weekly visits? The reasons you are going to the gym are what make the money less important. If you’re not able to make the most of your gym time, you’ll end up paying more per visit because you have less visits, and fall short of your fitness goals. What should I look for, before choosing the cheapest gym near me? This short list will help guide you in reaching this important decision. 

Reasons to consider Instead of Choosing the Cheapest Gym Near Me

1. Location

If your gym is out of the way or takes too long to get there, you won’t be able to make it as often as you’d like. There are a lot of barriers for us all to work out, and time is often the biggest factor. Cutting the excuse of time by choosing a gym that is convenient with your commute can help set you up for success.

2. Timing is Everything

If you head to the gym during slow times, you won’t get an accurate idea of what the traffic in the gym is like. If you want the best idea of what it will be like, go during your regular workout time to get the most accurate impression.

3. Tour the Facility and Make a note of the Equipment

Depending on your goals and style, the cheapest gym near me may have everything you need, or significantly less. Not all gyms are created equal

4. Try it Out

Get a guest pass for the facility so that you can try the equipment and see how much of it is right for you, as well as whether you feel comfortable in the environment. Before choosing the cheapest gym near me, it’s crucial you determine whether that gym actually works for you, and trying it out is the most surefire way. Make sure that it feels clean enough, and if you intend to work with a trainer, meet the trainers and check their credentials. Make sure you feel comfortable with them. Make sure that there is a regular cleaning schedule, so that you don’t fall ill after making the choice to go to the cheapest gym near me.

Choosing a gym is a big deal, and can set the tone for your fitness year. Make sure before choosing the cheapest gym near me that you have explored all of your options, and that gym is actually the best for you. The best valued gym is one you actually go to.