If you’re looking for simple workouts at home, you’re not always trying to get all difficult and fancy. That’s okay, we’re like that a lot of the time. There are even times where we don’t want to leave the house. But how can you workout out at home? It’s natural not to want to leave your home, and we don’t feel so bad about it because we know that we can do a few things that will keep us in shape without us having to hit the gym, opting for a simple workout at home. We also don’t overdo it at home, either. We like to keep it simple and just burn a few calories. We’ll share a few of our favorite basic workouts at home here in this post.

Standing Lunges to start your 30 minute workout at home

You’re going to want to start with your feet together while standing. Take your right leg and step forward, bending your knees, and keep your right knee over your right ankle, with your left hip aligned with your left knee. Then, you’ll want to stand erect. From there, change sides with each rep you take. Do this simple workout at home for a minute.

Bicycle Crunches

This is probably the most classic and basic workout at home - loved the world over. Lie down on your back with your hands behind your head, elbows extended with your legs straight. Bring your arms, legs, and torso off of the ground.

Then, bend your left knee and twist to the left, with your right elbow to come toward the left knee just past the torso.Finally, you’ll want to repeat this motion with the other side of your body. You’re going to want to do this for a minute, as well.

Mountain Climbers

We think that mountain climbers constitute the most complete workout at home, especially when you combine this and the others up above. You’ll want to start this workout from the high plank position with your wrists under your shoulders, body straight.

From there, bring your right knee under your torso to come to your left elbow. You’re then going to want to do the opposite with your left knee. Speed is the name of the game here. Do this for a minute.

These are just a handful of simple workouts you can do at home. Whether your looking for the 30 minute home workout or  a muscle workout at home, Results with Lucy has you covered.