If you have a bloated stomach, you’re probably not feeling well reading this now. We’re sorry about that! But fear not. It’s our aim to identify why you’re feeling like that and offer a few suggestions for you in the future. While it is an uncomfortable feeling, it’s generally one that passes on its own, although it’s assuredly one of the more unpleasant feelings that we can experience. In any event, we’re here to break down some of the common reasons for bloated stomach in females and throw out some ideas for you to combat it and keep away from it altogether.

Are Medical Issues reasons for feeling bloated? - Mild

Are Medical Issues reasons for feeling bloated? - Mild


Reasons for bloating could include medical issues. There are various symptoms that can make you feel bloated all the time, which just probably exacerbates the issue. At current, we know that things like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chrone’s Disease, hormonal flux for women, and things like weight gain can be the culprit. It’s for this reason that we suggest anyone who bloats more than average to go to the doctor.

It may not be anything serious in and of itself, but it could be telling of something else. It never hurts to check.

Not So Mild

It’s unfortunate that there are some other reasons for a bloated tummy. While the previous reasons are problematic no doubt, bloating can even mean something that will definitely make you want to go in for a check up. Bloating can be due to pathologic fluid build-up in the abdominal cavity. This can be indicative of more serious things - like kidney failure, ovarian cancer, kidney disease, and congestive heart failure.

While these seem to be a bit extreme, we want to inform you of the potential dangers when you’re considering bloating, specifically if looking for reasons for bloating all the time.

What to Do

It’s really important that you’re always trying to find ways to get healthier, especially if you’re bloating all the time. Lifestyle changes are paramount if you want to bring it down. Cut out things like soda, get some better rest, and maybe even take up some yoga.

A diet is always a good idea here, and we have plenty of amazing ideas for you on our website. In any event, all of these things have positive benefits on your life and will definitely make you live longer and more healthily.

And since you’re here, we want you to stick around and take a look at the solution Results with Lucy has for you to feel healthier and happier.