If you’re eating healthy, it can be a bit difficult to always stick with the plan. We get it, especially when you have mountains of temptation after you. Even if you don’t have any desire to cheat on your diet, just finding quick and easy recipes for two can be downright annoying. That said, we have three ideas here that we think that you’ll like a lot. We’ll try our best to vary it up so you can drum up some ideas - at the very least.

BBQ Jerk Salmon

BBQ jerk salmon is a really amazing bet for a quick and healthy recipe. We included this on the list because you normally don’t consider any BBQ to be healthy, much less quick. The process itself is pretty long and the food is known to be extremely fatty and all around bad for you. BBQ salmon is ridiculously healthy for you, and this simple healthy recipe only takes a few minutes to prepare. Just with a little jerk seasoning, mango, and lime - you got some amazing fish that reminds you of the islands!

You can find the recipe here:: https://www.resultswithlucy.com/collections/recipes/products/bbq-jerk-salmon

Vegan Jackfruit Burritos

We would be remiss if we didn’t add a vegan option to the list of quick easy recipes for two. We’d be even worse off if we left burritos off of it. Burritos are a staple just around everywhere these days, and this amazing jackfruit option will leave you coming back for more. We also like the fact that with all things Mexican food - you can serve it with salsa and chips! Oh, and don’t forget the rice - it’s a sin if you do.


Calzone Pizzas

As you can see, quick healthy recipes don’t have to be bland. You can also have pizza and calzones. You can even smash them together and have a proper party. We like this recipe because it does allow you to have a lot of varied meat, and it’s almost as if you’re really not eating healthily at all. With this recipe loaded with chorizo, ham, mushrooms, and passata, you’d think that you’d feel bad about eating it. Hey, but it’s only 500 calories per serving.

Eat it up.

You can find the recipe here: https://www.resultswithlucy.com/collections/recipes/products/calzone-pizzas