Finding a personal trainer can be difficult. While they all more or less do similar things, they have different styles, rates, and programs. Online personal trainers are much in the same way as their real world counterparts. We’ve seen a big upswing in online training with some free online personal trainers out there its hard to know who to connect with, which is mostly good because it allows people a much wider swath of who they want to work with.

What’s more is that Online PT’ are often times a bit cheaper, which is definitely good for the consumer. This doesn’t mean that the quality of care is cheaper. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Here, we’ll tell you what you should look for when you’re looking for an online personal trainer UK, including some things you’ll want to know how to keep yourself safe, healthy, and without being scammed!

Person to Person (plans, coaching)

While it’s not face to face, an online personal trainer should be able to act as if they almost are there. They need to be able to motivate their clients, teaching them exactly what they need to be doing and how to do it, and be a rock for the client to keep going. They also have the task of holding the client accountable should they slack off a bit. While it’s not something that you’re planning on doing, it is expected successful online personal trainers are supposed to light an appropriate fire where need be.


Experience is another thing that we find to be important. You don’t want to just entrust your body and fitness goals to just anyone. It’s not smart. It’s probably true that you’ll end up spending a bit more money on the best online personal trainer, but that isn’t a bad thing if you can afford it. A highly-regarded personal trainer is expensive for a reason - they get results, whether you’re looking to get ripped or you need an online personal trainer for weight loss.

Find someone in your price range, but don’t necessarily be afraid to spend a little more than what you may have been expecting - after all, you only get one body. Treat it accordingly.


You’re still want to get your value, though - so pricing is important if you’re going to find an online personal trainer. Shop around a little bit to see comparable trainers and what they’re charging, even if you don’t know the cost of an online personal trainer - it’s time to find out. If the price is outrageous though the reviews are the same, you may have found someone charging a bit too much. If the reverse is true, you would still want to stay away. It’s all about balance.