Bloated stomachs are the pits. It’s uncomfortable to move around, you don’t really feel like doing anything but laying down, and you probably don’t look your best. It happens to some more than others, but it’s a malady that will happen to even the best of us. Some have their methods - such as exercise or stretching - but sometimes you just want something that will stop it right now. As such, medicine for bloated stomach is needed.

We also understand that there are plenty of people have natural aversions to medicine, but we’ve found that these are only going to get the job done with none of little side effects. It’s our job to keep you healthy, so we’;re only going to add medicines for bloated stomachs that will help without you having to worry about anything else, just getting a bit better and back to life.


There are very few things better than tea on any given day. Who are we kidding - multiple times per day. We honestly think that many types of tea can act as a medicine for bloated stomachs, though we’d like to focus on two in particular. First is peppermint tea. It’s one of our favorites and has the ability to clear up any bloating and gas in a heartbeat.

The same can be used for chamomile tea. While we don’t think that it is as effective as peppermint tea, it’s definitely more popular and there’s a good chance that you have it laying around somewhere. Pour it up if you’re wanting to relieve any bloating that you may be experiencing.

Over the Counter Remedies

You won’t find it hard to find over the counter medicine for bloated stomach. They’re generally more effective than tea as it’s their unique purpose. Things like Ppto Bismol and Beano can be crucial to relieving the abdominal stress that you’re feeling. These two in particular have been a godsend, and if you have any hesitation in taking medicine as a whole, you could certainly do worse than these two.

Medical Considerations

You normally won’t find that you need to run to the hospital if you’re experiencing bloating, so there’s no real need to be concerned here. However, if you feel as if you do get frequent issues and you can’t find any relief in medicine for a bloated stomach, you may need to go check-in.