How to lose belly fat, women? Let’s count the ways. No, seriously, if you’re here - you’ve taken the first step. We’ll be real with you here. Losing belly fat some days will be a chore. It’s going to be a battle that sometimes feels as if you’re losing. Eating the right things and exercising judiciously will eventually start to wear on you. A lot of this will ultimately lay in the way that we’re thinking, but we’re here to help you.

There are a number of things to be done that you may not considering if you’re sticking to a regimen. This post won’t center around different exercises or proper technique. We’re here to be real and focus more mentally. If you’re going to have a successful go at this, you’ll need to be checked in upstairs.

Get Some Sleep

We all know the power of good sleep. It leaves you refreshed and able to take on the day. It’s also a great way for women how to lose belly fat. According to Leeds, women who average a bit more than 6 hours of sleep generally carry around 3cm less around their waists than those who don’t.

Step Away from the Scale - Not Every Day

We get the need to check your weight every day. If you’re on the good end of it, you get a dopamine hit. On the other hand, if it’s bad - well, you understand. Scales don’t always tell the story. Mirrors are the same. Remember - not all lighting is created equally.

Tailor Meals to Nutrient-Rich

You’re going to want to love leafy greens - kale, spinach and collards - and throw some carrots in there. Supplement it with chicken and turkey if you want to know how women lose body fat. Vegan or vegetarian options in tofu and nuts are good. It’s important to make it your own, don’t be a slave to each meal. Get some enjoyment out of it.

Consider Your Workout

Of course, we’re workout warriors over here, but that’s not always in the cards immediately for everyone. What we want you to do is to consider what and how you’re working out. Thinking critically is important in every venture in life, working out and dieting works the same way. Instead of completely isolated workout plans, go for a more rounded one to get the results in how to lose belly fat, women.