You’ve just looked at the calendar, and realized that your beach trip is only a week away. You had great plans for the last 6 months to get bikini ready, and your sister didn’t forget! She gives you a call asking to go shopping for swimsuits before the trip, and you are overcome with dread. You didn’t prepare for this moment!

Everything else felt more important, and now the time is here and you are unprepared.

You may already have heard about how stubborn stomach fat can be, or struggled with your own trials of sit ups and crunches only to not see any progress, or lose it as soon as you make it.

The good news is that while it is nearly impossible to target belly fat and lose weight there quickly, reducing your overall body fat can actually be done quickly. Though these type of fast-diet tricks can’t create sustainable weight loss, the initial results of a diet can show up immediately due to a reduction in water weight.

How you are able to lose belly fat in a week for women and men will vary. Hormones play an important role in where our body fat is distributed and where it disappears from first. It is important to remember that every person is different.

There are a few key methods that will be key ways of how to lose belly fat naturally in 1 week. 

1. Make room in your daily routine for aerobic exercises.

Cardiovascular exercise and training is a crucial part of wanting to know how to lose belly fat in a week at home. Studies show that cardio training is the most effective way to reduce belly fat quickly. The frequency and duration of time you put in will directly affect your results. The more belly fat you want to know how to lose in a week, the more cardio you need to do.

2. Reduce Refined Carbs and Sugars

Bleached white pastas and bread go straight to your gut, due to the difficulty in digestion. If you want to lose weight in a week, cut out as much white breads and soda as possible, and replace with water and whole grains or brown rice.

3. Add Fatty Fish

Fatty fish contain large amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids. These fats actually are able to reduce the visceral fat that is around your organs and abdominal area.

4. Breakfast is the most important Meal

Feeding your cells a high protein breakfast in the morning will activate your metabolism for the rest of the day and give you a healthy kick start to eating right and avoiding hunger pains.

5. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

When your body is dehydrated, the cells don’t function properly. Many people feel hungry when in fact they just need water. If you want to know how to lose belly fat in a week, it is important to stay hydrated at all times so that your body can function optimally and process excess fat cells. Replacing sugary beverages with water also helps to cut back on sugars.