We understand - working out isn’t always the first thing that you want to do. It’s sweaty, sometimes painful, and even though it’s fruitful - you may just not want to do it. Even if the goal is how to get thinner thighs, some people are just going to be more enthusiastic about working out than others. So, with that in mind, we created a quick list of how you can get thinner thighs fast without making it seem as arduous as it can be.

1. Try Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is still extremely popular among those who aren’t always so keen on working out. You can be as crazy as you want with it. You can find a gym that’s boisterous and loud, or you can find a more low flow one to get thinner thighs. Working out with a class of people is more exciting because you’re part of a group going through it together.

2. Take it to the Beach

If you have a beach nearby, you’re in luck. Sand provides a lot of resistance to walk on, as it is favorited by top athletes and people looking to shed a few pounds. If you’re looking at how to thinner thighs fast, you may want to start here. You don’t have to run here, a nice long jaunt will do the trick. Hopefully you find it nice out!

Recreational Sports

Who doesn’t like a little competition? You shouldn’t find it hard to find a club or organization to play some sports with. By nature of activity, you’re going to burn calories all around. If you’re running and jumping - even better. Just try not to pull anything - you’re not probably not competing for a top club or anything, you’re just trying to figure out how to get thinner thighs.

Balance at Home

Looking how to get thinner thighs at home is a perfect opportunity for those when it’s bleak out. Balance exercises can be precarious, but also a little exciting. You may want to invest in a bosu ball of try your hand at deadlifts. You don’t need a gym, weights, or even a lot of clothes. Just go for it!

Don’t Forget Your Inner Thighs

This may be as fun as the others, but most people neglect their inner thighs. It’s probably because they’re kind of difficult to target them and some of the exercises don’t look too flattering. We recommend the platypus walk. It’s not as silly as it sounds, but it is quite silly. If you’re the easily embarrassed type, you may want to do it while you’re at home.

If you follow these directions, you may unlock how to get thinner thighs in a week. If you do, don’t forget to tell us!