It’s only natural to want your body to look its absolute best. Men and women go to various lengths to achieve the results they want, including how to get a smaller bum. While some these days want it to be bigger, there are quite a few who feel as if they’re on the other side of the coin. Fortunately, there are ways to to both through a great diet and exercise. Here, we’re going to focus on the latter and how to achieve a smaller posterior with just some hard work.

Step Climbing

Toning is the name of the game, and step climbing is probably one of the more popular ways to shrink your bum size. It also keeps your heart and lungs healthy. What’s more is that it can be done anywhere to produce good effects - from walking uphill, up and down flights of stairs, to using a step machine at the gym. The world is your oyster.


If you want to activate all three muscles in the butt to get a smaller bum, you may want to employ the use of squats. Single leg squats are a good option here, but they’re harder as you don’t have as strong of a base. If you’re unable to do them, you may find the regular squat to still be worthwhile.

Though split squats - those that use both legs but with legs further apart are comparable to deadlights, as a 2017 study by the NBCI stated.

One-Leg Deadlift

The deadlift can be troubling, but no one can doubt what it can do for those asking “how do I get a smaller bum?” To give you an example, here’s the proper way to do it:

1. Hands by your side, stand on one leg.

2. Stretch one leg behind you with your shoulders back and your back flat.

3. From your hips, lean forward until you feel your hamstring stretch - be sure to keep your chest above your hips.

4. Get back to the initial position and repeat a few times. Switch after that.

Go for a Run

While this seems a little self-explanatory, it’s probably the easiest way to get a smaller bum. It’s also probably the best exercise for overall health, so its inclusion is important - especially considering it improves heart health, lungs, and strengthens your lower body as a whole. If you find yourself to be unable to run, a walk is a good option.

At just 1,600 meters, studies have shown that you can burn over 370 calories. That’s definitely good at losing fat to get a smaller bum.