Have you ever wondered what causes you to feel depressed and anxious just as summer rolls around? You may have brushed it aside saying you are simply experiencing holiday blues. While that may be true, you should know why you feel low during the summer. Knowing what causes summer holiday blues can help you manage the symptoms better. For most people, especially parents of young children, summer brings with it a lot of stress and pressure. That is often seen as the primary cause of post holiday blues. For others, however, summer blues may have a more clinical reason. Researchers have found that some people experience summer holiday blues symptoms as a biological response to the seasons changing.

Summer holiday blues - what is the meaning?

Coping with holiday blues can be hard, especially if you do not know what is making you feel this way. It can be even more frustrating to see everybody else enjoying themselves. You might wonder why you are losing interest in the things you usually enjoy or things that most people love doing during the summers. It can be hard to define holiday blues, but you can start by recognising the cause.

Here are some of the most common reasons people experience summer holiday blues:

Seasonal affective disorder:

Appropriately shortened as SAD, seasonal affective disorder is a mood disorder that affects 1 in 3 people in the UK. The disorder produces depression-like symptoms during particular months of the year. Though most people experience seasonal affective disorder during the winter months, some also experience "summertime sadness." Research has also revealed that women are more likely to suffer from SAD than men by at least 40%.

Body image issues:

Summertime also often causes panic among people who are self-conscious about their weight. Those who live by high fitness standards may feel ashamed if they do not have a beach body by the time summer holidays start. It is natural to put on some weight during winter, especially after all the lavish holiday meals. However, if you are experiencing post holiday blues because of your weight, you can easily fix that with a few rigorous workout sessions!

Disrupted schedule:

People who suffer from depression and other mood disorders may experience bank holiday blues more severely than others. A set routine often helps in managing symptoms of depression. However, holidays tend to disrupt our schedule. With no work or school to keep you busy, you may be inclined to sleep till late or change your dietary habits. That might make your end of holiday blues worse when you have to go back to your old schedule.

Financial worries:

Unless you make a six-figure income, holidays may hit you harder than others. After all the Christmas shopping, you may anyway experience a financial slump. Summer vacation can make it worse! If you have kids, you may have to pay for summer camps or some other form of activity to keep them engaged. That may take a toll on your finances and add to your stress.

Once you understand what is causing the feelings of depression, you can beat the holiday blues much more easily. However, do not shy away from professional help if you need some guidance.

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