One of the biggest worries about dieting, is that you will be left feeling hungry. The secret? Finding the best healthy snacks. If you eat healthy snacks for weight loss, you will still be able to have a snack and fill cravings, without needing a cheat day. What are healthy snacks? Many snacks cause cravings because of their components, and the addictive effects they take on our bodies. Good healthy snacks play off those cravings, but assuage them in a healthy way. Some easy healthy snacks are obvious like fruits and vegetables, others the healthiness is cleverly hidden among some stellar ingredient combinations.

Weight Loss Combo Snacks

Combining vegetables with dip is a historic tradition. Dips often contain large quantities of fat or artificial sweeteners. There are a lot of dip alternatives that turn a traditional dip into a healthy addition. Tahini contains more protein than milk and most nuts, and goes great with raw carrot sticks. Oatmeal alone is healthy, but the flavored oatmeal is filled with artificial sweetener.

Try adding almond butter or some fresh cut apples and cinnamon to whole oatmeal to make it a nutritious and quick healthy snack. Try adding some chili powder to some sliced mango to get a sweet and spicy snack that can give you a temporary boost in metabolism.

Smoothies for All

Perhaps the most common and delicious healthy snacks are smoothies. With the right combination of ingredients or added nutrients or protein, a  smoothie can even cover as a full meal. Use low fat milk, greek yogurt, fresh bananas, and fresh fruit or vegetables. Juicing fruit or vegetables is probably one of the healthiest snacks for weight loss available, and you can get a full days servings of fruit and vegetables in one filling delicious healthy snack.

Snacks on the Go

There are healthy alternatives to snack favorites, such as no-bake oatmeal bites instead of cookies. They’ll fill the need, and only taste a little different. You can adapt standard recipes to be lower in fat, substitute sugars or  bleached white flour to avoid carbohydrates, and add seeds or nuts to provide more nutritional benefit.

Some of the best healthy snacks are quick. It’s very easy to grab a handful of nuts instead of chips, or some fruit instead of that brownie after dinner. Your body’s craving will be satisfied, and you won’t feel bad for binging. Even natural peanut butter on whole-grain toast can be a quick fill of carbohydrates and energy that you need.

Some foods are so low in calories that it’s debated whether they are actually negative-calorie food. While this is debated, there are some foods that are rich in nutrients, but low in calories. Examples of these are celery, blueberries, kale, potatoes, salmon, chicken breast, eggs, and plain greek yogurt. These foods make excellent healthy snacks for losing weight because you can eat a lot without overloading on calories.