Are you looking for the healthiest way to lose weight?  The answer won’t be found in a fad diet, or in a quick pill supplement with no diet or exercise required. There is no true generic answer that will apply for everyone, outside of the tried and true method of diet and exercise. Any diet or supplement you find may work, it may help a little, but if you want to lose weight the healthy way? You have to consider your entire body and it’s overall health. There are a number of things scientists agree are all healthy contributors to your weight loss journey.

1. Drink more Water

Drinking water can help with healthy weight loss. You can increase your metabolism by up to thirty percent over a period of 1.5 hours, which will allow you to burn a few more calories. It also helps by filling you up, so that you eat fewer calories.

2. Cut Back on Sugar

In our modern society, people consume far more sugar than the human diet ever included. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the worst ingredients. Sugar and corn syrup have been shown in studies to increase the risk of obesity, and are linked to increased likelihood of developing Type 2 Diabetes as well as heart disease.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death across the developed world. Unfortunately even foods labeled as health foods can contain an enormous amount of sugar. Lowering your intake of added sugars is a key to loose weight the healthiest way.

3. Eat less Carbohydrates, especially Refined

Refined carbohydrates are sugars or grains that have been stripped of their nutritional value. Consuming them can lead to a spike in blood sugar, which causes hunger and increased food intake later on. If you have to eat carbs, try to stick to carbohydrates that still contain their nutritional content and fiber if you want the healthiest way to lose weight.  Low-carb diets have been linked to double or triple the weight loss of standard low-calorie diets.

4. Exercise Portion Control or Count Calories

It sounds trivial, but sometimes it can be incredibly helpful to use smaller sized plates. You still have the appearance of a full plate and take your time eating it, but are able to eat smaller amounts. Remember when making your first plate that if you are still hungry, you can get more if you need it. If you don’t finish, you’re not in an eating contest. Be mindful of how many portions of food you’re consuming.

Some people find it best to count calories or keep a food journal. Eating healthy and moderate portions and ensuring that it encompasses all of the food groups we need to survive is a key to being the healthiest way to lose weight.

5. Ensure Proper Nutrition

Sometimes our exercise won’t be as productive as it could be, because we’re lacking in key nutrients. Ensuring you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to be productive is crucial to sustainable weight loss. If you find your diet is lacking, there are a myriad of supplements available from individual vitamins, protein shakes or other mixes.

6. Exercise

Our bodies aren’t meant to be in one place. All of our systems from our mind, heart, digestion, lungs down to our fingers and toes are meant to receive blood flow and oxygen. The best way to keep these systems functioning is to exercise them. Without even a limited exercise plan, there isn’t a way to burn calories in a healthy way, and no plan that excludes exercise will be the healthiest way to lose weight.

Overall it’s most important to keep in mind that the healthiest way to lose weight will always be to be as healthy as you can, and give your body everything it needs to function.