Feeling bloated isn’t great. It puts a damper on everything - almost sapping out your zest for life. It’s something that everyone will experience from time to time. Unfortunately, there are those who feel like it more than others. The symptoms come from a myriad of different reasons, usually worked out with exercise or supplements - but not generally for the long-term sufferer. This blog post is aimed for those who don’t really get quick relief, or at least those who experience bloating often.

1. Yoga!

As you know, yoga is the panacea for all that ills you. If you find yourself screaming “I feel bloated,” you may not be doing enough yoga. Specifically, we find that the Happy Pose, Child’s Pose, and even squats to help here. Poses here can position your abdomen in a way to expel excess gas from your GI tract.

2. Get in the Bath

Constantly feeling bloating can be a task for the bath. Of course, we all love baths because they’re relaxing, but the heat itself can relax your muscles. Furthermore, we’ve found that the GI tract can bunch up during times of stress, reducing its efficacy. A bath can really help in the matter if you’re always feeling bloated.

3. Get Active

If you’re here, you understand how much exercise can help you. Exercise can help your body with bloating by moving gas and residual stool from the colon. Also, sodium buildup is an issue for those who deal with the constantly feeling bloating feeling. By exercising, you’re removing this excess with sweat. Of course, this is our favorite tip if you keep feeling bloated, so keep going!

4. Stay Away from Gum

We all love fresh breath. However, the amount of air that you swallow will add to feeling bloating and gas pain. Don’t worry - you can always use ginger or even peppermints if you’re looking to freshen your breath.

5. Up the Fiber (Slowly)

A fiber increase can be what you need to reduce bloat in stomach. It’s a trick as old as time and we’re here to announce that it’s one of our favorites. We like it mostly because it’s a long term thing - though it is definitely a lifestyle choice.

We should note that it’s important to do it gradually. If you do it quickly, you’ll find that you’re going to get the adverse effect. It’s for this reason that we suggest any person looking to add fiber to not exceed 70g per day. We suggest you ramp it up over several weeks, allowing your body to take heed of the dietary change.

We think that these tips are a great start (and possible finish!) for those out there who feel bloated, as we’ve included a decent balance of quick hacks and longer-term changes. Practicing these may be difficult, but they will assuredly help.