Hey, not everyone was blessed with the ability to cook well. We get it. That’s fine, because a lot of healthy eating can be done with little effort. We’re talking about good, succulent meals, too. In any event, here are our 4 easy healthy recipes for beginners. These simple easy healthy recipes will have you floored. Trust us!

1. 2 Ingredient Pesto Chicken

Even if you’re a novice cook, it’s kind of hard to mess up a meal that only requires two ingredients from start to finish. It’s for this reason that we included on our list, as it really follows the simple easy healthy recipes pursuit, and it’s truly going to taste great. You can either grill or bake the chicken, from there smothering it in homemade pesto. Pesto isn’t hard to make - see it for yourself with the recipe below!

2. Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki

You may be hard pressed to find easy healthy recipes for beginners that require as little effort as a slow cooker. A longtime reliable choice for students and those who can’t cook that well, you’ll have a hearty meal in six to eight hours. It’s great to start in the morning before work, returning to your home with the smell of sweet and tasty teriyaki fumes. It just requires you to pile all of the ingredients in the cooker and set and forget. You can’t can’t mess this up!

Oh, and don’t forget the steamed rice!

3. Avocado Caprese Chicken Salad

Okay, this super easy healthy recipe is seems a bit more fancy than it actually looks. Well, at least the name is fancy. Grilling chicken can be tough, so you can always just substitute that part of the process by heading to your local market. In fact, we suggest it if you’re looking to make it a super simple easy healthy recipe.

4. 30 Minute Tuscan White Bean and Kale Soup

We love kale around these parts and we know that you do. It takes just a bit of prep, but we know that you’ll love this easy healthy recipe for beginners. This is a solid vegetarian option that’s filling. While it isn’t particularly heavy on the ingredients, it’s surprisingly beautiful to look at. Add some crusty bread to dip into the soup and you’re truly in business. Like all soups, it also keeps very well and can double as a snack in a pinch.