Wondering how to do chest workout at home to get the body of your dreams? When flipping through bodybuilding or fitness magazines, you are sure to have come across pictures of buff men with perfectly sculpted chests. Most men who walk into a gym want a similar physique, complete with shapely pectoral muscles, six-pack abs, and big biceps and triceps, but only a few are able to achieve their bodybuilding goals. That is because most men are clueless about which workouts they should do. For example, many think that building large pecs would do the job. However, building a strong and toned chest is equally important.

Before doing chest workout at home

To get the best chest workout at home, you first need to gather some necessary knowledge. For example, chest muscles are powerful and they provide a significant amount of your upper body strength. You need strong chest muscles to perform simple everyday tasks such as pushing a door open or washing your hair. Even if you do not have a gym membership, doing chest exercises at home can strengthen the muscles. You do not need expensive equipment to do chest workout at home. Many of these exercises do not require any equipment. Let's take a look at some of the best exercise for pecs at home:

Incline push-ups:

If you want to get a quick chest workout at home, doing incline push-up is a great idea. Excellent for your lower chest, the incline push-up is easier to do than a standard push-up. You can simply bent over on a table or bench to do this exercise.

Standard push-ups:

When you think about the best pectoral workouts at home, there is really no alternative to standard push-ups. Many people consider a few reps of this simple yet effective bodyweight exercise to be the ideal daily home workout. Push-ups give you a full-body workout, but they are especially effective in building chest muscles. Just make sure your grip is wide enough to work the pectoral muscles properly.

Plyometric push-ups:

If you are a pro at doing push-ups, you might try some advanced forms to get an extreme chest workout at home. Also known as plyo push-ups, this exercise is beneficial for your chest, shoulders, abs, and triceps. The clap push-up is a great example of plyometric push-ups. The jumping element is added to increase the intensity of the workout.

When doing chest exercises at home, you must practice time under tension. The idea here is to keep your muscles tensed for a certain amount of time. You can use your bodyweight or dumbbells to practice this. To better understand time under tension, think about how much time it takes you to do a bench press. Typically, it takes 4 seconds to lower the weight and 2 seconds to push it back up. In that case, you spent a total of 6 minutes practicing time under tension.

If you are doing the various forms of push-ups to get a good chest workout at home, make sure to slow down and pay attention to achieving the correct form. You can also download a home workout app to get started.