Do you feel self-conscious and embarrassed about having bingo wings? If so, you must have thrown out most or all of your sleeveless tops and tees. It is not just women who get saggy skin under the arms. Some men get bingo wings too! People who have lost a lot of weight often have excess loose skin underneath the upper arms. Bingo wings are fairly common. In fact, 3 out of 4 British women reportedly feel unhappy with the way their upper arms look. You may not be born with the perfect body, but there are ways to get the toned arms you have always wanted! The tips below will show you how to get rid of bingo wings easily with everyday activities.

1. Swim regularly to tone muscles and reduce bingo wings

Want to know how to get rid of bingo wings fast? Try swimming! It is an excellent full-body exercise that works every major muscle group in the body. However, it can be especially beneficial for the arms. Combining various strokes can actually help to make your shoulders and upper arms toned. Make sure to practice front crawl, butterfly, and backstrokes, and try to do as many laps as possible. Power your body using your arms more than legs. Although swimming regularly is great for your overall fitness, doing it three times in a week should give you the desired results too.

2. Say bye to bingo wings by rowing

If you are wondering how to get rid of bingo wings at the gym, there are plenty of machines and equipment at your disposal. The rowing machine, for example, is excellent for arm exercises. Adding rowing to your workout regime can help to build muscular strength, enhance aerobic capacity, increase endurance, improve flexibility, and of course, shed calories. Rowing works the muscles in your shoulders, arms, upper back and chest. Since most machines come with a sliding seat, you can work your leg muscles too especially hamstrings and quads. Another great feature rowing is that it is a non-weight bearing, low-impact workout that is easy on your joints.

3. Tone and flex to get rid of bingo wings

How to get rid of bingo wings with hand weights? This question comes up a lot when discussing the issue of flabby arms. If you are a beginner at weight training, you may already be confused as to which exercise is best for you. You need to ease yourself into a routine, and the best idea would be to start with some light exercises that you can do while watching your favourite show! Here are a few quick steps you need to follow:

- Stand up and keep your feet hip distance apart or sit up and keep your back straight.

- Hold some light weight in each hand. You can use small dumbbells, cans of beans, or bottles of water.

- Keep your arms on your side. Then flex from your elbows and move your arms up to your shoulders. Then bring your arms back to your sides.

- Repeat this move 10 to 15 times.

Wondering how to get rid of bingo wings quickly? There is no alternative to exercising! Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is certainly helpful, but you must do the workouts mentioned above to get rid of bingo wings without surgery.