If only losing weight were as easy as gaining it! Sometimes you can do everything right - eat the right foods and maintain a healthy lifestyle - and still gain 10 pounds at the end of the month! As discouraging as it is, you cannot stop trying. Besides having a balanced diet, you should also start exercising. Practicing a combination of the best workouts for weight loss will certainly get you closer to your fitness goals.

Best workouts for weight loss - basic factors to consider

Before you start looking for the best weight loss exercises, make sure you consult with your doctor. Some people need to lose weight to be healthy, while others don't. If you have a history of eating disorders, obsessing over your weight may not be the best move right now. With that out of the way, we can discuss some of the basic factors you must consider before beginning a new workout regime.

What you eat has a bigger impact on your body than the exercises you do for weight loss. If you have failed to lose weight despite working out like a beast every day, make sure to evaluate your diet. Eating the wrong foods can completely nullify your efforts to lose weight. You may also consult a nutritionist and get a food chart made.

You may have to push yourself through every workout sessions. If you are not used to exercising, any weight loss program will seem impossibly difficult. You may even feel like giving up. However, if you can push through the pain of the initial few weeks, you will be rewarded with the desired results.

Best workouts for weight loss - Our top picks

When it comes to burning calories and shedding fat, some workouts are more effective than others. On the other hand, some exercises show results after months. However, the high-intensity weight loss programs get you the desired results fairly quickly. Here are a couple of these workouts for weight loss.

Boot Camp:

If you want to elevate your metabolism through workout, boot camp would be the right choice. It involves elements of resistance and interval training. You will do a combination of cardio and strength training in short bursts. If you have never done such a high-intensity workout before, boot camp will test your stamina. A good instructor will be open to adjusting the intensity of the workout. So, do not hesitate to talk to him/her if it is your first time.

Interval training:

Undoubtedly the best workout for weight loss, interval training is recommended by experts time and again. It involves doing an intense workout in one set and following it up with a period of active rest. The goal of this exercise is to increase your heart rate and then slow it down. HIIT or high-intensity interval training is one of the most popular styles.

Before choosing a workout program, find out all you can about it and see if you are into it. Enjoying the workout sessions is crucial. If you do not like the workouts, you will lose motivation fast. So, take an informed decision and stick to it!