Eating right is never the easiest thing to do. Processed foods make our lives easier, and we have come to be dependent on them. Unfortunately, science has proven that in order to properly function, we need to feed our bodies the proper food.  Just like an automobile requires certain gasoline, our body needs the proper macronutrients and micronutrients in order to run the way it should.

It is much easier to eat right when you have an arsenal of really simple healthy recipes on hand. Meal planning allows you to focus on meals when you have the time, but spend your life out living.

The biggest barrier to eating right is time. It takes time to shop for raw ingredients, and make something from scratch. You’re always grateful when it comes to mealtime, but that doesn’t make time appear out of nowhere. Some of the most simple simple healthy recipes can be easily prepared with a little meal prep.

If you buy a large quantity of chicken, think about more than just the one meal you can make. Grilling a bunch boneless skinless chicken breasts ahead of time gives you a leg up on mealtime, without the cleanup restrictions that usually accompany chicken in order to prevent salmonella. With a batch of grilled chicken breasts, the possibilities are endless for simple simple healthy recipes. Dice them up and have salad mix prepared for a quick grilled chicken wrap or salad. Use the diced pieces to make a really tasty healthy recipe chicken teriyaki with brown rice, or broccoli chicken casserole.

Season the chicken and chop up the other toppings, and you have everything you need for a taco salad. Make a ruhe with skim milk, add some potatoes and vegetables, and you can use a gluten free biscuit recipe to make a great easy and healthy pot pie. Diced chicken is also great in a scrambled egg, or to throw into a bowl of quinoa.

If you get a large amount of ground turkey, you can also do all your meal prep in one day with simple healthy recipes ahead of time. Stuffed green peppers with wild rice and ground turkey are absolutely amazing and sure for the entire family to enjoy. You can make ground turkey burgers ahead of time and freeze them. This recipe from Results with Lucy for Tarragon Turkey Burgers is delicious and great with ground turkey. These burgers are filled with flavor.  Saute a large amount of ground turkey at a time, and you can use it for multiple meals without having the full cook time. Even the instant hamburger helper can be made healthier with use of ground turkey instead of beef.

If you are looking for simple healthy recipes that are really tasty and simple healthy recipes, meal prep ideas are the best. Knowing how much you need and when allows you to maximize your grocery list.