Want to know the secret to having a solid abs workout at home? The trick is to use dumbbells! Not everyone can afford expensive gym equipment, but dumbbells are comparatively cheaper. In fact, when it comes to getting good ab workouts at home, you can start with a one-dumbbell routine. With just a few carefully chosen moves, you can work the major muscles in your core, for example, your back, abs and obliques. Here, we are going to discuss some of these exercises, the weights they require and the proper way to do them.

Basic rule of using dumbbells for effective abs workout at home

Whether you want a flat stomach or a six-pack, doing this abs workout routine at home will surely get you closer to your goal. This routine involves 3 main exercises such as Russian twist, crunch, and swing. You need to do these moves in order, and you must do at least 15 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next one. Remember, you cannot rest in between exercises. After completing the final exercise, you need to take a 60-second break and then repeat. You need to do a total of 6 circuits for the best results. Here are the weights you can use:

- Advanced: 16kg - Intermediate: 12kg - Beginner: 8kg

Russian twist for abs workout at home:

When it comes to selecting great ab workouts at home, Russian twist must be on your list. To do this exercise, you need to be in a crunch position, but your legs should be elevated and your feet must not touch the ground. You need to rotate from side to side while keeping your core firm. Twisting from left to right and then right to left counts as 1 rep.

Doing this exercise while keeping your feet elevated puts a significant strain on your lower and upper abs. These two areas are especially difficult to stimulate. Twisting also works the obliques, and that is especially helpful when you are trying to stabilise the body during compound heavy compound exercises. All in all, the Russian twist is a perfect abs workout at home.

Crunch as an effective ab workout:

When it comes to ab workouts for women at home, crunch ranks pretty high in popularity. To do a crunch, you need to bend your knees and lie flat on your back. Use both of your hands to hold a dumbbell close to your chest. Start the exercise by slowly raising your torso using your upper abs and then slowly lower yourself. That is how you do 1 rep, and you need to do at least 15 reps of this exercise.

If you want to get a fast abs workout at home, make sure to do a few crunches as it stimulates the abdominals. It is also an excellent exercise to test your core strength. You can make this exercise more difficult by making the dumbbell heavier. Make sure to use your abs muscles instead of your hip flexors when doing this exercise.

Swing for perfect abs:

Swing is one of the best ab workouts to do at home. To do this exercise, you need to use both your hands to hold a dumbbell, then bend from your hips so that the dumbbell is between your legs. Then you need to raise the weight up your shoulder by pushing the hips forward. Get back down to the starting position and repeat the move.

This exercise is traditionally done with a kettlebell, but you can also use your dumbbell. The basis of this exercise is the hip hinge, which is a major foundational bodyweight movement that you need to master at the beginning of any weight training routine.

The exercises mentioned above are appropriate for both beginners and pros. If you are new to strength training and need an abs workout routine at home, try the one mentioned here.