REAL RESULTS - Vikki Brown 30 Day Get Lean

April 12, 2019

Name: Vikki Brown

Age: 34

Length of current progress: 14 months completed New Beginnings, Beach Body with Lucy, Wobble to Model and currently finishing HIIT Harder alongside 30 Day Get Lean diet style

Weight/Inches lost: 2 stone lost & Size 16 to a Size 12

- How has Results with Lucy helped you?

I wore a lush size 12 (thought it was a 14) swimsuit for a recent mini-break and felt happy, confident and proud. I have always compared myself to others, especially on holiday when I was lying next to my friends on the sun loungers. I would wonder why my legs were so much chunkier, why I had that extra roll, why I didn’t have that gap in my bikini bottoms when I lay down etc..... it’s so refreshing that I’ve learned not to do that, I’ve spent time with the most beautiful women, I’ve looked at them looking super hot in their swim wear and then I’ve looked at myself and smiled! I am not super slim, I don’t have abs that poke through or a thigh gap. I’m always going to be curvy, I like being curvy.

Do not compare yourself to others, we are all so different and so unique. Get yourself to a place where you’re confident in your own skin and it will do wonders for your mindset. 

The biggest milestone for me was completing the wobble to model programme but not feeling an overwhelming sense of achievement as my mindset had changed so much that I saw it as completing a stage in my fitness journey, rather than it all being over. I'm currently half way through HIIT Harder and I can't believe some of the exercises I'm now able to do - although the golden full push up still eludes me!

- Once piece of advice you would give to anyone who’s looking to join: 

Be your own motivation, be the one who gives you the reason to get up every morning grateful of who you are and what you have. Look back and remember how far you’ve come, even if there are no visual results you’re making changes to your lifestyle every day without realising how much they actually matter.


It is so easy to look at people on social media and feel a sense of jealousy – we all want what we don’t have it is so normal! Look at what you do have and just be grateful as there are people out there looking at you wishing they had what you have or they look like you. We are all on this journey together, some find their motivation easier than others, some see results quicker than others, some shout about their journey in hope to motivate and inspire others, some keep their journey quiet, some struggle daily, some find it easier, some smash their goals, others try their best. But the main thing is, we are all here, we are all on a journey to lead healthier lifestyles whether its losing fat, getting fit, maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle, mental health, health reasons or a bit of everything so lets stop looking at others and looking at ourselves more. Appreciating everything and embracing what we have whilst we share this journey together to smash our goals one step at a time. The main thing is, we are all still here, chipping away! We haven’t given up and nor will we!


It might take you 6 weeks to achieve your goals, it might take you 6 months… but who's counting?? I'm certainly not 😘


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  • Gabrielle Slater June 17, 2019

    well done you look fantastic just beginning my fitness journey

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