REAL RESULTS - Sarah Smith

April 26, 2019

Name: Sarah Smith

Age: 37

Length of current progress: 3 months

Weight/Inches lost: 1 stone 1lb lost & 50.5 inches all over

Why did you decide to start Results with Lucy?

After having my 2nd child I went in to what I call ‘survival mode’.  Getting everyone, up, out and delivering them to where ever they needed to be, holding down a job and running a house on very little sleep meant I just ate what ever I fancied and had no energy to work out.  It’s so common to eat badly when you are tired, but I got to the point where I was so unhappy with how I looked and my confidence was so low, I wanted to try something that seemed manageable within the time I had.

 I did the 10 day free trial and really loved it.  I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it, I was so scared of failing and feeling deflated again, but I needn’t have worried.

I can easily fit this in with my busy family life, and I can choose to do whatever style of work out I fancy that day.  The recipe bank was the bonus for me, I find I always cook the same things and got stuck in a recipe rut.  Now I can keep track of my calories and see results.
What is your favourite Results with Lucy plan?

I’m currently following New Beginnings which I really like, but I also love Kettlebells and all of the dance workouts.  I like to mix it up depending on my mood.

I hadn’t planned to start 30 Day Get Lean, but I saw so many amazing results I just decided I wanted to do it and I would start there and then, no time to talk myself out of it or over think it.  I am thrilled with my results, I lost 11lb 40 inches in 30 days and I was so determined it wasn’t as hard as I first thought.  

Once piece of advice you would give to anyone who’s looking to join: 

Give it a go! It really does work and I’m really enjoy it.  That’s the key, find what you enjoy doing, and do be afraid to try something new.  I’m getting my body back but also my confidence.


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