REAL RESULTS - Rebekah Tucker

July 25, 2018


RwL has really helped me gain strength as I suffer with Thoracic outlet Syndrome (Couldn't even pick up the kettle) but thanks to RWL I can now lift kettlebells! RWL has given me so much confidence!


Why did you decide to start Results with Lucy?

I have tried many different diet plans and styles but none of them worked, the thing with RWL is that you don’t restrict yourself from particular food groups, you just learn to make good choices. The RWL recipes are delicious and so easy to make.

Having TOS and Hypermobility I was told I couldn’t do impact sports and I would lose the use of my arm and my only option was risky surgery, but this didn’t sit well with me. So I found Results with Lucy and I have built up strength using the different plans and slowly building up weights and it feels amazing. In turn this has built up my confidence to believe in myself and know that if you want something, you just need to work at it and see the results.


What is your favourite RwL plan?  

My favourite plans are HH and beach body as they really push me!


What is one piece of advice you would give to others?

If you are thinking of joining RWL then my advice is do it ☺ It’s the best lifestyle decision I ever made!! The RWL Fitties are so supportive and motivating, you never feel alone and most importantly the workouts are done at your own pace and work around you.


Name: (Bek) Rebekah Tucker - @rebekahlou_rwl

Age: 28

Length of time with RwL: Just over 1 year

Weight/Inches lost: 2 stone & over 21.5 inches


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