REAL RESULTS - Magdalena Spiroska

January 22, 2019

Why did you decide to start Results with Lucy?
For a long time I tried working out with trainers at the gym but I was never satisfied and didn’t enjoy the whole process. After being a fan of Lucy for a long time since being on tv, I decided to try out RWL and I have never looked back since. I love the variety of videos I get to choose every day and never get bored.

What is your favourite Results with Lucy plan?
I really enjoyed doing the wobble to model plan, although I am doing Hiit Harder at the moment and I’m enjoying it just as much and it does challenge me a lot.

What is one piece of advice you would give to others?
Start from wherever you can and stay consistent with your workouts and diet. You can always build it up when you feel stronger and ready to go to the next level. The great thing about RWL is that there is a program for everyone from beginner to advanced and it’s challenging, but always fun and different each day.
Noticing my body shape changing and becoming stronger both physically and mentally is my daily motivation to never give up, and the support from the community is always a huge motivation.

Name: Magdalena Spiroska

Age: 22

When did you start RwL?: I’ve been with RWL consistently since 2016, on and off since 2015.

What is your total weight/inches lost?: I have lost 17kg since starting to consistently working out with RwL , going from 74kg down to 57kg.

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