September 28, 2018

RWL has not only changed my body physically it has had a huge impact on me mentally. Working out each morning is my ‘me’ time before the days crazy antics of being a mum to two begin!

What is your favourite RwL programme?
I loved Wobble to Model it really increased my level of fitness after my second daughter! I am currently doing Hiit Harder and think it’s fair to say I am loving it already!

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone starting 
RWL champion the 80/20 lifestyle and really opened my eyes to it. I truly believe it is the most sustainable and healthy approach to fitness and weight loss. Diets I have tried in the past cause me to restrict myself and then binge and be a vicious cycle of guilt!

My biggest advice would be to sign up give it a go and get involved on Instagram for all the motivation you will ever need!

Name: Laura McGinley

Age: 29 years old

Length of progress: (L) 7th June - (R) 22nd September

How much weight have you lost: Around 1.5 stone lost since having daughter on the 2nd May.

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