REAL RESULTS - Georgina Cooper

February 27, 2019


Name: Georgina Cooper 

Age: 25


Length of current progress: 3 years from the starting picture, began RWL in August 2018 (second picture).


Weight/Inches lost: 3 Stone 8lbs lost altogether, 16lbs since joining RWL


How has Results with Lucy helped you? Results with Lucy has helped me in many ways, first of all the variety in choosing exactly what type of work out I want to do. I can either follow a structured plan or I can select whatever workout I’m in the mood for. 

The biggest impact on my journey is how it’s helped me mentally, having been quite a bad yo-yo dieter before I was very much all or nothing. I lost 2 stone in the first 6 months of my journey before finding RWL but after a while that slowly crept back on. With the help of RWL it’s allowed me to focus on living a healthy lifestyle where exercise and eating well naturally falls into it. I’m not restricting myself from eating the foods I want to — just all in moderation. The workouts are also so enjoyable that I actually enjoy moving more and looking after my body.

Finally the RWL community is absolutely amazing, such a wonderful support system with strong women who are only there to build each other up and help you reach your goals.

Once piece of advice you would give to anyone who’s looking to join:

We are all guilty of taking care of ourselves last, but we only get one mind and one body and its up to us to take care of it. Find the programme that suits you and fits in with your lifestyle and then allow yourself the time to work on becoming a better version of ‘you’.


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