September 28, 2018

Results with Lucy has helped me physically to wear dresses I wouldn't usually imagine buying because I would just think I wouldn't be able to fit in them and to also feel more confident wearing a bikini on holiday.

As of before I would cover up and be self conscious of my body. Now i'm learning to love my body more and thats all thanks to Results with Lucy.

My asthma has also improved since joining and my fitness has improved massively.

I joined in on the RWL live with Sophie Grace Holmes recently and I amazed myself by keeping up to the pace as before I wouldn't have even been able to attempt a HIIT workout so fast paced.


How has RwL help you both physically & mentally?

Mentally RwL has helped me more than anything. It's probably saved my life.
I suffer with depression and anxiety and medication never worked for me but results with lucy did. The workouts were my therapy and gave me a reason to keep going. I would recommend results with lucy to anyone struggling mentally it really helps.


What is one piece of advice for someone who is looking to start RwL?

Advice I would give to anyone looking to join Results with lucy is to stay consistent and to never give up. It's taken me six months to get where I am today, but i'm so glad i stuck with it.

I also found it helpful to make a fitness instagram account and to join the results with lucy facebook community group. The #rwlfitties and the community are so friendly, inspiring and motivating.


What is your favourite Results with Lucy programme?

My favourite RwL  programme has been Wedding series because it was so fun and challenging. I saw the most results with this plan and I feel that gave me the start to get the real results I have today.

Name: Faye Beheshti

Age: 28 years old

Length of time between progress: 6 months

How much weight have you lost: I've lost almost a stone in weight

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