REAL RESULTS - Emma Holbrook

July 30, 2018

I can’t even begin to describe how much fitter I feel. I can even notice the difference when going out on walks with my dogs. Of course the shape of my body is changing too which motivates me each day to push harder. Mentally I am a completely different person as exercising just instantly puts me in a better mood. Even my husband has noticed how much happier I have been since consistently working out with RWL!

I used to suffer with asthma a few years back and would need my inhaler even to go on a steep walk but by slowly introducing fitness into my life I no longer need it and can’t believe I am currently able to do their HIIT harder programme!


What piece of advice would you give to someone? 

I would say 100% join you’ve got nothing to loose, give it your all in the first couple weeks because you will see changes and this will motivate you to stick at it. I would also say to follow/join the rwl community as they will motivate everyday!

Favourite RwL plan: Beach Body with Lucy!


Name: Emma Holbrook - @emma_rwl_fitness

Age: 24

Time between progress: 10 weeks

Weight/Inches lost: 19 inches & 8lbs


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