August 10, 2018


RWL has helped me become physically more stronger, with more stamina and a passion for exercise. It's made me more confident in exercising and making me fitter, especially as I have just completed my first 10k run which I never would have done before joining. Mentally, RWL has helped me overcome anxiety and binge eating disorder and has basically been my therapy, without the RWL lifestyle I wouldn’t be as happy and able to manage my stresses as I am now. 

RWL is a family affair in my house; my 6 year old loves the dance and yoga videos and my mum loved the over 40s plan which is helping her keep active and manage her COPD.

Living a Healthier lifestyle with RWL has helped me manage the physical symptoms of my endometriosis, and also manage my feelings and emotions around what living with endometriosis means for me and my future.

The RWL community is like no other, lucy and Cecilia are behind and supporting you every step of the way and the girls following the plans are always there to make you smile, motivate you, provide inspiration and  support and pick you up during bad times! I’ve never found a community like that at any slimming club or by reading any diet book.


What piece of advice would you give to someone? 

Always do you, don’t be swayed by others or compare your journey! Choose a plan which suits you and makes you motivated and engages you.

Favourite RwL plan: New Beginnings as it is hugely varied, includes all the trainers and builds your strength and stamina very quickly! It’s all round most enjoyable  and the plan I got the best weight loss results on.


Name: Casey Lou - @healthylivingcasey

Age: 28

Time between progress: I have been with RwL for 2.5 years

Weight/Inches lost: 1 and a half stone


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