Real Results - Caroline

October 22, 2019


Name: Caroline Brook

Age: 39

Length of time with RwL: 3 months

Weight/Inches lost: 3.5inches

Why I started RwL: I have tried lots of 'fad' diets and was a member of my gym for 3 years. I seemed to be stuck in a rut and not toning up like I wanted, so I did the weeks trial and fell in love!

Main changes with myself: My anxiety has improved drastically, my confidence has grown and most of all my figure is feeling amazing.

Favourite RwL plan: Beach Body

Favourite RwL recipe: Steak & Asparagus with chilli flakes

Favourite RwL workout video: Lift like a Pro

Advice: Go for it! don't give up after your weeks trial, sign up it will honestly change your life for the better. Set up an instagram and add the RwL girls every single one of them are lovely and so supportive. #RWLFAMILY


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