REAL RESULTS - Jo Armstrong

July 23, 2018

The biggest change of all which I have experienced, not just physically, has been a mental shift and improvement of my health, mind and wellbeing. I felt changes in my mindset and heart far before I saw changes in the mirror and I continue to grow as a better person, better mumma, partner, daughter, friend and family member all thanks to the support, focus and commitment I have had in my RWL journey.


Why did you decide to start Results with Lucy?

I started my RwL journey almost 2 years ago where I wasn't feeling body confident, happy or healthy mental. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism shortly after giving birth to my second child and I wasn't feeling like I was in a good space. I decided I needed to introduce some fitness into my lifestyle to help deal with my anxiety issues and focus of a more positive, happier healthier me.



What is your favourite RwL plan?
I believe the HIIT harder is an amazing plan for building strength and stamina. It’s so good I am revisiting it now to prepare me to walk in Autumn winter feeling fit and focused.

Beach body is also incredible and a great plan to do alongside the 30 day lean and green diet to see great results in time for that special event or to kick your ass into action! Watch out for sliders, they will have your muscles aching that you never knew you had! 

Beach Body with Lucy Progress


HIIT Harder Progress

What is one piece of advice you would give to others?
My advice would be to really want to make a positive change in your life, realise there is no quick fix, results come with hard work and dedication and feeling ready, supported and empowered to make a total lifestyle shift and choice. The RWL community are there to offer this, but the commitment has to come from within and once you start to really feel self -worth and self-love the benefits will flourish and motivate you even more! Because let me tell you – you ARE WORTH IT!

Name: Jo Armstrong - @dollsrockinfitness

Age: 38

Length of time with RwL: 2 years

Weight / inches lost: 26.5 inches


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