From poppy seed to plum: How baby and your body change in Trimester 1!

November 14, 2019

Whether you have been planning and trying for this moment, or were taken by surprise and had a shock to the system; the first trimester of pregnancy can be a little overwhelming 🤯 It's a word women often say they feel is frowned upon, that they feel like they are meant to be utterly happy all the time from the minute they find out they are pregnant when in reality your body is going through a lot of major changes and it can all feel a bit much!

Here, Emma is going to address some of the questions you ladies have been asking about the first few months of pregnancy...


🤷🏼‍♀ How pregnant is pregnant?

One of the most confusing moments of that first trimester is how pregnant are you? Confusion around dating a pregnancy means when the news is announced there can be confusion and even disbelief  or judgement about how pregnant you are. A lot of people don't realise that health professionals actually date your pregnancy from the first day of your last period. This is because it's actually really hard to pinpoint the exact date you ovulated and conceived so day 1 of your last period is counted as day 1 of your pregnancy. This is one of many reasons it's a good idea to get into the habit of recording your period 📆


❓ What's happening to my body?

In those first few weeks of pregnancy your body goes through a lot of changes that start making themselves known fairly quickly. Whilst a missed period is one of the most obvious first signs many women note that tiredness is often the first inkling they had that they were pregnant. A common first sign this is triggered by your body working hard to adjust to the surge of hormonal changes that are already beginning in order to create a healthy home for baby to grow 🤰🏻

Tender or swollen breasts commonly follow as the hormonal surge causes your breasts to become more sensitive. Discomfort normally passes after a few weeks as your body adjusts although so women find that the enlargement in their breasts can be uncomfortable towards the end of their pregnancy as well 
Morning sickness, which as we have already discussed is rarely restricted to the morning, normally starts to kick in around month 1 of your pregnancy. Nausea with , or without sickness, is a draining experience and we still aren't 100% sure what causes this but we do know that blood sugar levels and hormone changes are all believed to play a part.


🔥 Heartburn

Around week 6 or 7 of your pregnancy you might start to experience a lot of heartburn, particularly after exercise. Many women think this is a side effect of morning sickness, and whilst that certainly doesn't help, many women experience heartburn towards the end of their second month regardless  this is because the hormonal changes your body is going through relax the valve between your stomach and oesophagus letting some of your stomach acid leak out. One of just many reasons why a lot of women find themselves eating beige when they are first pregnant 🥖🥨🧀


🤔 So what happens next...?

This trimester the first important step is booking in with your GP or health team and confirming the pregnancy. At the appointment they will check your overall health, go through more information about timings and help you try and date your pregnancy. They will also help you book future appointments  including your 12 week scan at the end of the trimester and talk through important things like supplements you need to be taking if you aren't already and which midwifery team will be looking after you 💕


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