#caseysdiary - My Third Trimester of Pregnancy

April 02, 2019

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Missed Casey's Second Trimester blog? Click here to catch up!



THE FINAL LEG! The weeks have flown by and I just cannot believe that meeting our baby is just around the corner. 

Exercise has been more of a “when I can manage it, I will” thing during this third trimester but I am so proud I continued exercising right up past week 36. I have learnt that morning exercise makes me feel amazing…I am physically capable of more, it sets my body up positively for the day, and I am awake bright and early anyway so feel I have not wasted the extra time to the day. All of the nesting has been very physical too and has added to my (if I do say so myself) fantastic activity levels during this final leg!

My appetite has reduced more and more as the weeks have gone on and the due date has become closer; from week 36, I have been on yoghurt with berries (and sometimes granola) for breakfast, regular snacking throughout the day (always try to get 3 or 4 pieces of fruit or veg in this time) and then a home cooked meal during the evening. Once maternity leave started, I was able to try out more new recipes and cook my favourites from the RWL recipe bank. Some of my favourites this month have been Paprika and Lime Chicken, Seabass Tray Bake and Chili Pitta Nachos (mexican food has been a mild craving, actually, I would say). Lamb and Spinach curry is now something I have to batch cook for my partner for work lunches!!



My favourite health discovery for this trimester (work has been hectic and I have been travelling a LOT), has been the food at Pret A Manger. The breakfast range there is AMAZING for on the go healthy food, and the other food for lunch/dinner is also fantastic. Although a bit more expensive, if your health is a priority, I cannot recommend there enough for on the go convenient food that won’t harm your nutritional efforts.



I have had so many fantastic conversations with other pregnant women online via Instagram during this time who have used RWL to keep active during pregnancy and the inspiration they have provided me has kept me motivated and feeling engaged in the community. I cannot wait to continue sharing our new journey together when we become mums, and we have already been discussing post-natal workout plans!

I am now getting very excited to get back into regular fitness and incorporating it into my new lifestyle as a mum of two (and then the juggling act of adding work back in, in 9 months’ time). My plans are to do a couple of weeks of post-natal Results with Bump (once authorised by health professionals) and then complete the NEW BEACH BODY PLAN!!!

As I sign off my pregnancy diary for the last time, my advice to anyone who is pregnant and considering maintaining their health and fitness at this time, is DO IT! I have gained (at week 36) just under 1.5 stone, I have maintained some tone in my arms and calves, and I have maintained some of my fitness levels too. I could not be prouder of myself but I also feel fantastic and have enjoyed this pregnancy so much. Thank you to Results with Bump and Results with Lucy for enabling me to feel empowered and take control of my body (in some way) during this rollercoaster journey! See you on the other side #mumoftwo #familyoffour



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Casey x




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