#caseysdiary - My Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

February 14, 2019

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GLOWING! ✨One word I was beginning to think I would never hear this pregnancy. 

Finally, during week 14, I stopped vomiting and feeling constantly nauseous. People actually started to tell me I was “glowing” around week 18 (maybe because I could finally be bothered to do my hair 🤣), and I began to feel physical enjoyment at being pregnant.



Due to my weight loss in recent years (and according to the rest of the world, because I am carrying a boy), the second trimester has seen me become ALL BUMP 🤰🏻. Baby is well and truly visible to the world and I LOVE it. I feel strong, confident and so happy with my physical appearance during this second trimester.


There is no denying that movement, in general, is more difficult or that the aches and pains have well and truly kicked in, but feeling baby growing and constantly wriggling makes it all seem fine! 👍🏼


I started Results With Bump at 14 weeks and got into a routine of 2 workouts a week. I was desperately wanting to do more, but the tiredness was overwhelming and I let it stop me. Working full time, with a 6-year-old to look after as well…pregnancy is a LOT harder second time around with all that going on. 🙃



At New Year, I pledged to fit in a minimum of 3, and have been comfortable doing this for the last 5 weeks of the second trimester. I have successfully managed this and feel fantastic for it, and quite smug that some weeks I exercise more than my partner! So, Results With Bump, how do I find it? I LOVE it. 🙊


I love knowing that what I am doing is safe, I love seeing someone else that is pregnant doing it and I love that the content is all new to me (having done most of the other RWL plans before). Gaining knowledge on what is safe for me during RWB has enabled me to pick and choose some workouts from the video bank too now, when I fancy or do the odd LIVE workout too.


Exercising in pregnancy has not come without its low points for me. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Getting used to a decreased level of fitness and ability, and the new way in which my body moves (or does not move, more accurately), was a challenge. Having to keep stopping to catch my breath more than usual has felt disappointing. BUT, I gave myself a little talking to; I am doing myself and my baby the world of good by moving at all. ✨



I am exercising during pregnancy, which 19 stone me would not have dreamed of doing. I am keeping my fitness at a level, any level, whilst growing a little human. I am actually super woman! 🙋🏻‍♀️🏅 (Of course, I am not, but I am allowed to feel like it from time to time).


My appetite did not come back fully until around 19 weeks, and then it was Christmas and all the naughty food was around and my snacking got a bit out of control. As soon as New Years Eve arrived, I was adamant I needed to make a plan to keep my nutrition in check, and with inspiration from Instagram and all the new #rwlfitties joining, I made a meal plan and began meal prepping breakfasts and lunches again. 🍴



My energy was so much better from getting a normal eating routine back 🍏, and I was enjoying my Eat Well favourites again such as Pitta Pizza, Lamb and Spinach Curry and Chicken and Mushroom Pie 😍 (cooking vegetables still make me want to throw up). I couldn’t believe how much more energy and commitment I could put into my workouts once my nutrition routine was back in place! 💪🏼



The second trimester has made me feel AMAZING! There is no doubt about it, I am feeling heavier and have a great big bump to show for it, but I have managed to maintain a great routine and healthy living throughout these last weeks and feel wonderful for doing so. 🚶🏻‍♀️


During this trimester, I have been on a residential trip with work, had a horrendous patch of night terrors with my 6 year old, smashed a promotion interview and finally found the perfect pair of maternity leggings….it’s a juggling act, but the energy from the healthy living has made it all possible! 🙏🏼✨



Let’s see what the last trimester brings! 👶🏻


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Casey x





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