#caseysdiary - My First Trimester of Pregnancy

January 10, 2019

"PREGNANT! One word I thought I might not get to hear again, and here I am. We are going to be a family of four and my heart feels fit to burst! 💖




In my first pregnancy, the first trimester was the hardest, and things are no different this time round. Up until I discovered I was pregnant at 6 weeks (early September), I felt fantastic. I was completing 3 Results With Lucy workouts a week from the video bank and running 5k twice a week. Then one day, I was running and I threw up. And the next day I was doing a workout in my lounge, and threw up (grim!). 🤮


Now, the only time that has happened to me was when I was a complete beginner!


The next day, I took a test and was in total shock to see a positive result (the happiest shock). Having endometriosis, I had been told we might not be able to have any more children or that it might be difficult to do so. To find out I was pregnant totally accidentally and naturally was not expected at all! The midwife said my healthy lifestyle and how happy and relaxed I was could have played a part in our easy conception! 🤰🏻



Physically and mentally, the second half of the first trimester was challenging. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, the nausea and vomiting took over my life. From weeks 6-14, I was a slave to the overwhelming nausea every second of the day and the 6-10 trips to the toilet to be sick. To say it was draining is an understatement, but I was so happy to be pregnant that I tried not to moan too much. 😴


Every time I attempted exercise, I threw up. I think in that 8 weeks, I only managed about 4 workouts. I am so mindful of keeping active and healthy during the pregnancy, due to being overweight in my first one, that I tried to walk as much as I could and get 10k steps in on the days I could manage it, just so I was keeping some activity in my daily routine. 🚶🏻‍♀️


When I was exercising, I chose low impact cardio like Dance from the video bank alongside a leg video (such as 100 Squat Challenge) and an arms video (using lighter weights than usual). I was already excited to start Results With Bump in my second trimester...or whenever the sickness had worn off! 👶🏻


Nutrition wise...what a shock I had! The smell of cooking vegetables equaled immediate vomiting. I could not stand to be anywhere near people cooking, and as such my own passion for cooking took a backseat too. My diet was very very beige and plain, but also my appetite was minimal, so most days I was eating some sort of plain attempt at a healthy breakfast, a bigger lunch and then nothing else all day. 🍽



Again, in an attempt to keep some healthy habits, I took fruit to work every day to snack on. With breakfast being the main meal of the day I actually looked forward to, I was using recipes from the Eat Well plan to stay on track; things like Breakfast Muffins, Chocolate Mud Shake and Porridge. 🍳








Overall, the first trimester was tough but I am already looking forward to the second and hoping it follows the pattern of my first pregnancy and I am back to feeling sassy and active and enjoying the kitchen once more!! 💁🏻‍♀️



Without my love for Results with Lucy, I think I could have easily turned into a bed bound, pasta and bread binge eating monster during these few weeks, but with my knowledge and love for healthy living, I was able to do little bits here and there to keep myself healthy. ❤️"


Keep up to date with Casey's journey by following her on Instagram @healthylivingcasey and or by reading her Trimester 2 blog  👶🏻


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