Am I Glowing Yet? Trimester 2 & What To Expect

November 21, 2019

Many women describe the second trimester as the best trimester 🤰🏻 We talk about a pregnancy glow and many women find that they have more energy and a renewed sense of well-being as the worse of sickness begins to past. However the second trimester is not without its hurdles as the body continues its gargantuan task of growing a human!

By week 18 baby can yawn and hiccup and over the next six weeks they are likely to double their weight! Eyelashes and eyebrows are starting to form and by week 22 they are starting to smell, see and hear 👂🏽 Baby’s digestive system is now also fully formed. They start sucking and swallowing and can even taste food you are eating in their amniotic fluid! On a slightly grosser note they are also doing a whole lot of peeing!

By the end of this trimester you’ll have a 2lb human being living inside you. Unsurprisingly your body is going to start doing some new and exciting things this trimester as well:


🦷 Teeth and Gums and nothing fun!

Being pregnancy means your gums become far more sensitive to brushing and flossing so you’ll find them to be more uncomfortable and bleed more frequently. In the UK pregnant women are eligible for free dental checks on the NHS so make an appointment with your dentist if they are bleeding heavily or are very sore.

👃🏽 Be tissue ready for nose bleeds and stuffy noses

You know when you have a cold and try to remember the day’s when you could breath properly? Unfortunately this is a common experience for many women in trimester 2. You body is making more blood now which can cause mucus membranes to swell and bleed easily. Drinking lots of water can help with this and most pharmacists will be able to recommend a good Pregnancy friendly saline solution to help with stuffy noses.

🤰🏻 Belly and Breasts

Your breasts will likely continue to get bigger however tend to be less sensitive then during Trimester 1! 😊 Many women find their stomachs start to grow this trimester as well to make room for baby although interestingly up to 20% of women can have no bump, or a very small bump. This is because of a tilted uterus!

👩🏽 Skin Changes

This is one some women find quite difficult. Due to the hormone changes your body can produce pigment cells in your skin (we call it Melanin). This means you might notice brown patches on your face or a dark line on your belly or around your mouth. For most women this fades after birth however sun exposure can make the issue worse so make sure to use suncream. Skin can also feel dry and tight during this time to grab your fave moisturiser and indulge in some bump massage to help hydrate stretching skin

🌀 Dizziness and Leg cramps

Finally this stage of pregnancy means all sorts of things are going on with your circulation. As a result its not uncommon to experience dizziness and leg cramps and its important to listen to your body when working out. Gentle exercise in pregnancy can really help with this however If you suffer from dizziness avoid fast movements of the head or changes in position and follow some of Lucy’s band based workouts instead. Be sure to stretch out carefully afterwards and drink plenty of fluids.


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