February 22, 2019


Name: Katie Bishop

Age: 26

Length of current progress: 9 months

Weight lost: 3 stone 7lbs.

Inches lost:

Chest - 7 in

Arms - 1 in

Waist - 5.5 in

Stomach - 6.5 in

Hips - 9.5 in

Bum - 6 in

Thighs - 4 in


How has RWL helped me?:
When I joined Results With Lucy, I was really unhappy in myself and had lost a lot of confidence because I’d slowly put on weight over a couple of years. I had no energy and had tried so many different diets and the gym but nothing had worked.

I joined RWL on the New Beginnings plan and started to feel so much better within the first week. By the time I’d finished the plan, I had lost enough weight to have a healthy BMI, and my skin, mood, and energy levels had improved massively. Now, I feel like myself again and have got my confidence back!

I loved the variety of the workouts and the structure of the plan - it was perfect for someone like me who didn’t really know how to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to others looking to join:
Joining was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I never looked back! Even if none of your friends or family are into exercise, you’ll never feel alone because you’ll have an amazing community of women cheering you on and encouraging you when you most need it through the Facebook group.


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