My Top 5 Baby Products I Could Not Live Without!

December 21, 2017
The 5 Top Products I Could Not Live Without! 
by Jane x
Where do I start, when it comes to baby products things are changing all the time especially since I had my little girl 6 years ago now. When I had Polly because she was my first I purchased every product going and thought I needed everything, well I was wrong I did not use half of it. Second time round I wanted to only purchase what I needed and not waste money on loads of things that would not get used.
So I have put together my top 5 products that me and my Alfie could not live without…
1.The Mamaroo, now this I could not live without. My Alfie is now 7 months old and I still use it every day. It has 5 different motions, 5 levels of speed and you can plug in your own phone to play music. You can also sit them up  or lay them down. Alfie suffers with colic so this gadget was a life saver as the movement really helped and those nights where I could not get him to sleep this baby rocked him right off for me! I LOVE IT! I know it’s quite expensive but I honestly could not have lived without it.
  1. Baby Snug from Mamas & Papas, I actually had one of these for my daughter but they have now added the play tray. Your little one needs to be 3 months to use this and be able to hold up their head once they can do this then the Baby Snug will be a life saver, sit it on all your work surfaces, table or on the floor and it sits them up perfectly so your little one can see what you are doing which keeps them happy. Perfect for when you are trying to do your dinner and feeding time. It’s a must have!
3.MAM anti colic Bottles, these were not around when I had my daughter so I had to repurchase all her bottles when I found out she had colic. So this time I wanted to get bottles with anti-colic already built in. Also these bottles self-sterilise in a microwave and not having a big kitchen I did not want a big steriliser taking up space. Another must have!
  1. Angelcare soft-touch bath support, this is a brilliant chair for your baby to use in their bath it is comfortable and soft. The little holes let the water come through and keep your baby warm and wet. Also easy to keep clean. My favourite bath seat by far.
  1. Fisher Price Jumperoo, My Alfie has been going in his Jumperoo since he was 6 months he loves the freedom it gives him and keeps him entertained for ages. I had this for my Polly as well and she was a big fan too. The Jumperoo is great as it also grows with your little one as it has 3 levels so when your baby is getting taller the Jumperoo gets taller too.
I hope my review on these items help you when making your decision on what products to buy your little one, as we only want the best for them.
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