Lime is fine and Lemon is heaven!🍋

Lime is fine and Lemon is heaven!🍋

By: Lucy Mecklenburgh
May 18, 2018
Make lemon & lime your friend in the kitchen... and at the Cocktail bar 😏... this summer! 🍋🍸

With their intense flavour and whole host of health and dietary benefits, it's good to know when and where you can add citrus to your life!

Here are my 7 ways of how you can add citrus to your summer:

  • The G&T slice - I love a G&T classic with a squeeze of extra lemon!
  • The Tequila Shot - With less calories than vodka, tequila is a great choice in some aspects. But can make for very bad choices, if you have one too many 😖😁😂
  • In the mix! - Why not add a portion of lemon or lime to your smoothie. I find this works with lots of different smoothies, but you have to judge it.
  • As the dressing - Whether your making Salad or preparing your green veg, lemon juice is king for lifting and changing the flavour! If I'm cooking with butter or using oil, I always add in some lemon juice for a kick.
  • Hydr8 - Why not add some citrus flavour to your water? A simple squeeze and dunk is all it takes to create a refreshing workout or anytime thirst quencher. I prefer Lime in mine! 😊
  • Instead of your regular brew - Yeah, I know giving up the first coffee of the day is taboo for some of us. But if you can, first thing in the morning is a great time for a hot lemon.

  • To get you going again - Lots of us get constipated from time to time, especially I find after flying. Drinking some lemon juice before and during a flight should alleviate this, or as soon as you realise it's an issue.

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Lucy x

Lucy founded Results with Lucy to help ladies transform their health & lives. 

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