'Fat Burning Foods' - Fact or Fiction?

September 23, 2019
Shane Nugent

Here, Shane Nugent gets straight to the point in busting the claim that 'fat burning foods' are a reality...



Everyone at some point will have heard different food/drinks as ‘fat burning’ foods. 

There are only 2 ways we can create fat loss through your nutrition… 

👉🏽 Directly
👉🏽 Indirectly

Let me explain what I mean in more depth… 
➡ Directly
Creating a calorie deficit (using up more calories than you are consuming!). This can be achieved by either reducing the total amount of calorie that you consume, increasing daily activity and exercise, or as a combination of both (Doing both gets the best results more often than not!) 
🔀 Indirectly
This refers to other methods that help the process of creating the calorie deficit become much easier, but don’t actually influence the calorie deficit directly. An example could be increasing the quality of the diet by consuming quality sources of protein and fiber, and consuming them in the correct amounts each day. 
Although this doesn’t directly affect the calorie deficit, it does take much longer to digest when protein and fiber is combined, meaning less hunger, and less snacking (which can lead to a smaller calorie deficit!) 
Next time you see a revolutionary new ‘fat burning’ food from a recently discovered cave in Climaisia, hand crushed by Buddhist monks or whatever… 
Don’t let it enter your head!
Unless it falls into one of the above 2 categories, it doesn’t work.


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Shane Nugent
Nutrition Expert & Owner of SJN Nutrition

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