Cold and Flu remedies that actually work

Cold and Flu remedies that actually work

December 18, 2018

Are you sick and tired of those cold and flu remedies that just don’t cut it? 🤧 Or flu remedies that are a waste of money? Well wait no longer as I'm here today to tell you our top 5 remedies proven to help build your immune system whilst making you feel your old self again ✨

1. Zinc to make the boys wink 😉

Zinc is a great supplement to take just as you feel a cold coming on. So, around 24 hours before your cold has developed you should start taking this supplement or try finding it through your day to day foods. E.g. Turkey which is also high in protein, Lentils which are full of fibre and Cashews which are high in good fats. With Zinc, you want to make sure you are not over doing it, so try to stick to a daily routine of 5mg-10mg. Seek medical advice on zinc if you have any deficiencies.

2. All you need is Vitamin C 🍍🍓

Vitamin C is one of the best most well known supplements to help boost your immune system and also to help fight colds! BUT here’s the catch that people don’t normally tell you about this life saver supplement... it's best used as a preventative and should be taken daily to help prevent cold and flu symptom’s before they start. So putting this supplement into your daily routine could save you a lot of money and a whole lot of time and effort trying to recover. You can also find this through your foods such as fruits, so many try whipping up a fruit salad for breakfast or a snack. My favourite fruits are orange slices, pineapple chunks and a mixture of berries.

3. Sweet like Honey 🍯

Oh Honey Honey Honey! What a great and healthy way to sneak some sugar into your diet to sooth your sore throat or even to help boost your energy for the day. As we all know having the flu can not just bring your energy levels down, but it also brings your mood down! I suggest you go to your nearest shop and invest in a big jar of honey! Try to use it little and often throughout the day with some hot water and lemon, or even before bed to help with any restless you may feel during your nights sleep.

4. Crush it, Slice it or Chew it, it’s the one the only Garlic! 🥣

1 Garlic clove a day will keep the doctor away. It is used for so many scrumptious recipes all over the world but will also help to try and cure that nasty runny nose and chesty cough. This ingredient is best eaten raw! ... Yes I said raw... but adding a clove to a nutritional soup to help ease the taste is always a good idea. Make your own soup so you know exactly what foods are in it as some soups can be so high in salt and sugar, so whilst your fighting that cold you can also watch your waist line.

If you’re absolutely against the raw garlic clove I suggest getting the garlic in a supplement form but make sure you get the purest of garlic brand.


5. Rest, Sleep, Repeat 💤

Beating that winter cold can be exhausting as your body is fighting 10x harder to recover. It needs more nutrients and self love otherwise you’ll find yourself being more prone to coming down with the flu and not fully recovering. So, remember its ok to put your feet up with a cup of anything warm and try to rest!

If you’re working a full time or part time job take time after work to go home soak in a hot bath and some fresh Pj's ready to take chill time to another level.


I hope this is useful advice if you have unfortunately come down with the dreaded Winter cold & flu ☹️ 


Robyn x

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