Bloating and You: A Summary of the FODMAP Approach

September 12, 2019
Shane Nugent

This is a topic that I think almost everybody will have had some experience with to a certain degree. The problem is there is a whole array of potential reasons why we experience the sensation of bloated-ness, so please bear this in mind as you read on, as there could be many non-nutrition related reason why you’re having this issue...


From a nutrition standpoint something like IBS could be a major culprit, and as a result you’d have to have a chat with your GP to have a diagnosis and a plan of treatment. In more intense cases a FODMAP diet is prescribed in an attempt to identify the most likely naughty little foods causing you issues.

When following a FODMAP approach a 3 step process is generally administered:




In conjunction with a GP and a suitably qualified dietary expert like a dietician, the initial diagnoses is made through a variety of tests like blood tests and breath tests. After diagnosis, from there in stage 2 a restriction is placed on a variety of high FODMAP foods like dairy, fruit and sweeteners.  After symptoms have reduced, Stage 3 then involves the re-introduction of FODMAP type foods for a few days, combined with an assessment of symptoms following every food re-introduced. If a re-introduced food is found not to have any additional symptoms, the next food is then re-introduced and so on.


There is a lot more to this process, but hopefully this helps you to understand an overview of the process, it’s nothing to fear, so have a chat with your GP as soon as you can if you’re currently experiencing symptoms like this.



Oh, and on a side note:

Please don’t do what so many people do in this situation and start eliminating bread and gluten from the diet etc… this is ONLY EVER NECESSARY when a suitably qualified health professional advises you to do so. Value their skills, understand that these are complicated medical processes, and don’t take it upon yourself to give your own personal diagnosis, leave it to the qualified professionals!



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Shane Nugent
Nutrition Expert & Owner of SJN Nutrition

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