What Should I Do On My Days Off?

June 20, 2019

It seems that we more often than not spend our days counting down to the end of our shift, our next day off, our next holiday. But when we find ourselves with some free time, what do we, or should we, be doing?

Here are some of our suggestions on how to spend your time off...!


1. Go for a gentle walk 🚶‍♀

It's great sitting at home doing absolutely nothing when you have some time off, but what can be far more good for the soul is to go for a gentle stroll and breathe in some fresh air. Then go home, knowing you have moved your body and released any tension, and enjoy your time doing absolutely nothing.


2. Netflix and Chill 📼

You knew it was going to appear in here somewhere! Grab your duvet, a cup of green tea and get watching girl! Sometimes getting lost in the television creations of others is just what we need to switch off from our brains for a bit. Stop scrolling, put that phone down and really watch what you've chosen!


3. Pamper Princess 👑

After spending your day off getting all of the boring household chores done that you just don't have time for the rest of the week, grab yourself a facemask, a cheeky glass of wine and give yourself a mini pamper session. As cliche as this act of self-care is, it really is good for the soul, skin and nails!


4. With Self Love ❤

How about spending some time working on yourself? Our With Self Love courses enable you to spend 10 minutes a week learning all about motivation, confidence, relationships and happiness to help you develop yourself emotionally, socially and professionally!


5. Yoga Queen 🧘‍♀

Release your inner yogi and spend 30 minutes relaxing your body and slowing down for a short while. We have so many yoga videos available on the Results with Lucy website and offer live classes including Yoga too!


6. Meal Planning and Preparation 🍴

Get yourself really prepared for when you're back to work and spend some time preparing some lunches and freezer favourites for evening meals. This will ensure you are fully ready to continue leading your healthy lifestyle when you go back to work! We have over 600 scrummy, quick and simple recipes available inside our Fitness Food and Mindset membership


7. Social Butterfly 🦋

Why not arrange a catch up and coffee with your friends. Put the world to rights and have a good old chit chat.


8. Bath, Bed & Book! 📖

Get yourself an early night. Run a bubble bath, get into bed early and get stuck into a good book before getting your 8 hours of snooze time!


Of course, if nothing else does the job... DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Did someone say duvet and DVD day?!


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