The Mental Health Benefits of Exercising

June 07, 2019
Lucy Mecklenburgh

For some women, the introduction of exercise into their life is with the aim of becoming fitter and losing some unwanted weight. It isn’t until healthy, consistent habits are formed, that the mental health benefits of exercise become apparent.

For other women, who don’t necessarily want to lose weight, exercise comes into their life at a time where their mental well-being might not be at its healthiest.

No matter the reasons for starting a new exercise regime, the mental health benefits of working out are becoming more and more prevalent...


Here are our Top 10 Mental Health Benefits of Exercising!


1. Reduce Anxiety  For some, just a short 15-minute walk 🚶‍♀ out in the fresh air, or a 15-minute workout routine, is enough to get them out of their own head for a short while and rationalise any anxious feelings they might have.

2. Alleviate Stress  Exercising will allow you to release any tension which you might be holding in your body, meaning you can go on with your day feeling relived of any stress you may have been holding on to 🧘‍♀

3. Reduce Risk of Depression  Exercising to release those feel-good endorphins will chemically help to reduce your risk of feeling in a depressive state 😔

4. Mood Lifter  Having a down day? As the saying goes: “I really regretted that workout – said No one Ever!” Exercising can help us to feel less angry 😡 and frustrated within our day to day lives.

5. Sleep Better  Getting a full night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do to help maintain a healthy mentality. There’s a reason sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture, you know! 💤

6. Winner! Winner!  Feeling proud and accomplished 🏆 by smashing a solid workout or completing some form of exercise each day (even if it’s just a gentle walk!) will help you to improve you mental well-being.

7. Greater Focus  Mental fatigue is one of the main reasons that we can feel like we are not being productive enough or are unable to perform day to day tasks in a calm and logical way. Exercising helps us to focus on the tasks in hand with much more clarity 🎯

8. A Healthy Appetite  By getting to a place where we are consistently allocating time to exercise and move our bodies in a loving way, we are opening the doors to ourselves to want to make better choices when it comes to our nutrition 🍏 This in turn helps us to feel even better as we fuel ourselves with wholesome, nutrient dense meals

9. Fun Factor!  Exercising is FUN which in turn makes us feel GOOD! Trying out a new dance workout and you have the co-ordination of a giraffe on roller-skates? No drama llama! Enjoy the moment and find your inner fun factor 💃🏽

10. Improved Productivity  Healthy body, healthy mind! Exercising can help us to be more productive day to day by allowing us time to give ourselves an energy boost and re-focus our minds on the tasks we have to get done 📈


Introducing just a small amount of physical activity into your day to day life will help cause the chemical changes in your brain that will automatically boost your mood. Who wouldn’t want a greater sense of self-worth, productivity and control in their life?


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Lucy Mecklenburgh
Found & Fitness Guru

Lucy founded Results with Lucy to help ladies transform their health & lives. 

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